Friday, 19 October 2012

Association, Aggregation, Composition

There are 3 words which confuses every developer. So many time people ask in the interview.

Association keyword show the relationship between more than one entity, class or Object. The Relationship can be one to one , one to many and many to one.
it means two class are associated with each other via some relationship that called association.
Association can be shown by a "Arrow" sign.

Example: 1. Faculty and students are having association.
2. Students and library is having association.

Aggregation is a special form of the association. It shows "has-a" relationship of the object. A Objection has a another object.Like class has student object. If two object having "has-a" relationship then only we can get Aggregation.


Composition is a special form of the aggregation. when one object contains another object and contained object can't exist without the container object, called composition. Like A student object can't exist without class object. A relationship between class object and student object called composition.

So basically there is a difference between aggregation and composition is, in the composition contained object can't exist or alive without container object but in the aggregation it can exist.

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  1. Thank you for brief explanations. How does delegation with composition works. Can you please explain with example.